Getting Started with McDonald’s SuperKicks
Whether your child wants to improve their game or simply enjoys getting active, then the McDonald’s SuperKicks hub is for them. Packed with challenges suited to a range of abilities, it's a great way for them to get the most out of football, even if they've never played it before.
Plan before you play:
Help your child get the most out of the McDonald’s SuperKicks activities.

A little bit of preparation can help you add to the challenges and change the level of difficulty to suit them.

SPACE: Change the size or even the shape of the playing area to encourage your child to adapt and think of new ways to attempt the activity.

TASK: Try adjusting the activity to make it even trickier. Challenge your child to play while holding another ball in their hand or at their feet. Set a fixed number of allowed touches or bounces or encourage the use of both feet, one after the other.

EQUIPMENT: Change the kit you use to practice the activity. From different sized or coloured footballs (or even no ball at all!) to different sized goals or targets, there are plenty of ways to make the activities more challenging and fun.

PLAYERS: Get a friend or group of friends involved and attempt the activities together - or even in pairs against one another. See who can compete the challenges fastest. 

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