Heskey gets his boots on with Matchday!

England legend Emile Heskey visits Rugby Borough FC to find out all about the Matchday app.

Matchday for Players & Parents
The Matchday app has the game at your fingertips. Where and when upcoming matches are so you can confirm your availability. League tables and results so you can keep up with your opponents and your performance stats so you can keep on improving. 

No more need for cash. With Matchday you choose how you pay and have a complete record of your payment history across a range all payment types, so you have the flexibility to pay how you want in a single tap.
Key Matchday Facts for Players and Parents
Key Matchday Facts for Players and Parents
Matchday for Coaches & Club Admins
Throw away the pen and paper and start saving time and money with Matchday. The app takes your player information from the Club Portal and your league fixtures from Full Time, so everything you need to run your team is at your fingertips. 

Let your team know all the match information, and let them confirm their availability. Select your line-up wherever you are, so you can spend time on the training pitch with the players. No need to log onto your computer to submit your match report, record game events live during the game and complete your match return in a few taps from the side of the pitch.

Never miss another player payment as the app keeps a record of who has paid and who hasn’t. Choose payment types that suit your team either by game, by month or as a one off. 
Key Matchday Facts for Coaches and Club Admins
Key Matchday Facts for Coaches and Club Admins
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