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06 Oct 2021 0:34

Powerchair football explained

Find out more about the Powerchair football format by watching this video

About Powerchair Football

Who can play Powerchair Football?

For both international and national league, players must be classified as PT1 or PT2 (PT1 players have a more significant level of impairment). During games, there must always be at least two PT1 players on the court.

Regional and local competitions don’t usually apply classification.

Find out more about classification HERE.

Powerchair Football Rules

Use IFAB football laws, with some key adaptions:

4v4 (maximum squad size of eight)
Two halves of 20 minutes
30m x 18m court
The goalposts are two posts placed 6m apart (no crossbar)
Push-ins replace throw-ins
Only two defenders are allowed in the penalty area at once (no restrictions for the attackers)
The two-on-one rule replaces offside – only one player and an opponent are allowed within 3m of the ball when in play (the only exception is the goalkeeper when in their own penalty area)
The ball is larger (33cm in diameter)
Tackling is allowed if it’s front guard to front guard – contact with any other part of the chair or ‘ramming’ isn’t allowed 

You can find the full laws of the game HERE.

Talent & Elite

There are opportunities for talented Powerchair Players (both male & female) to progress in the England Talent Pathway. For more information on the England Talent Pathway please follow the link to the Para Football Performance Pathway here.

The FA supports an England Powerchair squad. The team compete in European and World Championships which take place every four years. For more information on this squad please, click here

How to get Involved in Powerchair Football

Click here to access the Find Football tool and answer the questions to narrow down your search requirements so you can discover the most suitable playing opportunities local to you.

If you cannot find a suitable playing opportunity or would like to speak to someone, please contact your local County FA or The Wheelchair FA directly.

Powerchair Football is an indoor football format for anyone who uses a powered wheelchair or has limited movement in a manual wheelchair. Due to the unique nature of this format, players of all ages and genders can play together. 

The FA works in partnership with The Wheelchair Football Association (WFA) to develop opportunities to play. The FA provide funding for the National Powerchair Football Development Manager role within The Wheelchair FA, who works with the County FA network to develop new opportunities to play.

The WFA oversees nine competitions, including the national league (comprising premiership and championship divisions), six regional leagues and the WFA Cup. Clubs run tournaments, festivals, and events outside of the formal WFA competition structure to provide opportunities for new players to take part. 

For more information on the all The WFA competitions please click HERE or to find a team in your local area, contact your County FA. Alternatively, click here to access the Find Football tool.