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Welcome to Weetabix Wildcats

Are you looking for a fun way for girls 5-11 to get involved with football? Then look no further! Weetabix Wildcats is the place to be, everyone is super awesome; from the friends you’ll meet to The FA qualified coaches and volunteers who deliver the sessions.

So, what is Weetabix Wildcats? Well, it’s non-competitive football for girls who want to give it a go for the very first time or want to play with other girls their own age. Most importantly, Weetabix Wildcats is all about having loads of fun and meeting new amazing friends.

Weetabix Wildcats

Make friends, have fun and play football

Weetabix Wildcats provider coach

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Interested in getting involved and starting a Weetabix Wildcats session in your local area? Click below to find out more about how to get involved!


What's Great About Weetabix Wildcats

Weetabix Wildcats

"From day one, my daughter has felt welcomed and accepted - she comes away with the biggest smile on her face."

Laura - mother of Weetabix Wildcats participant