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Weetabix Wildcats football sessions can increase young girls' morale in many ways.

Confidence is a great attribute to develop.

It helps children believe in themselves, helps them to talk to others at school and in social situations and gives them the courage to try new and challenging things.

Here are four ways Weetabix Wildcats can give young girls that all-important confidence boost:

1.They’ll set goals and achieve them

Learning a new skill is an amazing way to boost confidence and make you realise just what you can do if you put your mind to it.

At Weetabix Wildcats girls learn the skills needed to play football step-by-step. This means that, rather than being faced with a large and overwhelming task, they always have small goals to work towards.

Whether they’re learning to kick a ball or practising throw-ins, each time they master a new skill and achieve a mini goal they’ll get a great sense of achievement.

2. They’ll learn that it’s ok to fail

Sometimes children lack confidence because they’re scared to fail or don’t want to be told off for doing something incorrectly.

At Weetabix Wildcats they’ll discover that most people don’t get things right the first time and that it’s ok to take your time when learning to do something new.

Coaches will always give praise and encouragement – even when things don’t go right – and girls will learn from any mistakes.

No-one will ever be made to feel embarrassed for trying, giving things a go and having fun while you do it is what’s important.

3. They’ll get praise from their peers

While praise from parents, teachers and coaches is important it’s often what peers think that matters most to children.

At Weetabix Wildcats the groups are fun and inclusive, and all the girls learn to support each other. Those high-fives and words of encouragement from the other children will give them a real confidence boost.

4. They’ll make new friends

One of the things girls love most about Weetabix Wildcats is meeting new friends and expanding their social circle.

As activities are usually done in groups, communicating and working as part of a team is a big part of the sessions and girls make new friends fast.

This helps them feel accepted and gives them the confidence to talk to others they may not know outside of Weetabix Wildcats.

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