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It’s time for the #LetGirlsPlay Awards.

We’d like to say thank you to all those great people who are making such a difference for girls’ football in schools.  The inspired individuals, the game changers, the unstoppable forces who never stop in creating opportunities for us to play wherever, whenever we like.

It’s your turn for the spotlight!

Tell us your #LetGirlsPlay Superstars

#LetGirlsPlay Awards

We want to hear from you about the movers and shakers who are creating exciting new opportunities to #LetGirlsPlay

The categories

Who could it be?

Teacher, student, non- teaching staff member, coach, parent or even a head teacher? Perhaps even yourself? We want to hear about that amazing person you think is going the extra mile to #LetGirlsPlay

Who’s pushed for new opportunities to Let Girls Play, and made a real difference to people in the school and their community?

We want to hear about the people who’ve had a positive impact in their local community to #LetGirlsPlay

Who’s been inspired by England’s legacy ambition after the EUROS and created opportunities for girls to play football at school?

We want to hear about the people who’ve lead from the front by inspiring others to #LetGirlsPlay

Who’s been moving mountains so girls have the opportunity to play football? We want to hear if you have got your local club or programme involved with football in your school.

We want to hear about the people who’ve removed all the obstacles in bringing people together to #LetGirlsPlay