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Published 26 January 2022 6 min read

XL Tom and MHaywxrd help England eLions secure promotion

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Frank Smith

XL Tom and MHaywxrd ensured England’s official esports team eLions topped the table in their FIFAe Nations Series 2022 Play In 2

England’s official esports team, the eLions, are back in Division 1 after a successful return to FIFAe Nations Series 2022 action.

The FIFAe Nations Online Qualifier 2022 Play-Ins take place over five months and give countries the chance to book a spot at this year’s FIFAe Nations Playoffs without having to take part in the ‘Main Stage’ of qualifying.

The overall goal is to be one of 24 teams who compete at – and hopefully win - the FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 this year to become the best EA Sports FIFA 22 international team on the planet.

Play In 1, or match week 1 as it is known, took place across December 16 and 17 and saw Tekkz (Donovan Hunt) and XL Tom (Tom Leese) in action for England’s eLions.

There were seven fixtures for the eLions across the two days and the results saw England relegated to Division 2 after finishing seventh out of eight teams in Division 1.

But the eLions secured promotion back to Division 1 on Friday 28 January when XL Tom and MHaywxrd (Mitch Hayward) topped their group as part of Play In 2.

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The game format is 2v2 on PS5 and each match-up consists of two games, with each being worth three points for the winner, one if it is a draw and nothing for the loser.

There are two European conferences, with two divisions in each conference, based on seedings from the previous FIFAe Nations leaderboard. 

After each match week, the three lowest ranked teams in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2, with another three sides being promoted. 

All of the teams play each other across the match week and after four match weeks, or Play Ins, the nations who are top of Division 1 from each conference will qualify for the FIFAe Nations Playoffs, alongside a further two countries from each conference based on ‘consistency points’.

Match week 3 will be held on March 10-11 and the final Play In is scheduled for April 7-8, with a combination of different pairings from the four eLions players being used across the Play Ins.

27 Nov 2021 11:10

Tekkz & Rice v Tom & Mount

England superstars Declan Rice & Mason Mount face off in a game of 2v2 on FIFA 22 with their puppeteers Tekkz and Tom but who will come out on top?

You can see England eLions’ full match week 2 results below and you can watch the contests on England’s Twitch channel (, which can be accessed by clicking here

Thursday 27 January
England 6-0 Hungary 
Czech Republic 0-6 England 
England 4-1 Norway 
Ukraine 0-6 England 

Friday 28 January
Israel 1-4 England 
England 6-0 Malta 

England eLions match week 1 results

Thursday 16 December
England 2-2 Poland 
Norway 2-2 England 
England 4-1 Turkey 
France 6-0 England 

Friday 17 December 
England 3-3 Denmark 
Israel 3-3 England 
England 1-4 Netherlands