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Published 28 June 2021 3 min read
Grassroots Football

This is Football: Jordan Henderson

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Jordan Henderson

The Three Lions midfielder is the latest to chat about his grassroots memories from growing up...

I’m just a normal kid from Sunderland who loves playing football. I wasn’t blessed or given something that nobody else had.

I moved to Herrington, East Herrington, when I was around probably four or five. Obviously, I'm very proud to come from Sunderland. Great people there. Working class background, very passionate about football, love football.

My dad always said as soon as I could walk I was kicking a ball. That's where I was the happiest really, when I was playing football.

When I was a kid I just played as much as possible. Every time I'd go out I would take the ball with us and then on my with me friends I would aim for lamp posts or electrical boxes and stuff. 

25 Jun 2021 2:50

This Is Football: Jordan Henderson

The England Football and Liverpool midfielder chats about his days as a youngster playing the game in Sunderland

I’ve been very lucky to have so many good people around us, you know, PE teachers, friends, family.

Dave Robinson was our PE teacher and the coach for the school team, and he was brilliant.

He said just basically go out and enjoy it. There wasn't really much tactics, to be honest, it was ‘just go and play football, have a laugh and enjoy it.’ 

He was great for the lads and the lads loved playing. Dave was fantastic. He still texts us now and again to check in and make sure everything is okay.