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Published 17 November 2021 4 min read
Raheem Sterling

Raheem returns to Wembley

Written by:

Paige O'Grady

England star has been back in Wembley to launch his new foundation at his old school


England's Raheem Sterling this week unveiled his foundation at his former school, Ark Elvin Academy, just a short walk away from Wembley Stadium. 
Created from his vision and dedication to championing the next generation, the Raheem Sterling Foundation will educate, empower and inspire young people to become better prepared for the future and to embrace opportunities to achieve greater social mobility.
The Foundation’s mission will reach across Jamaica, the UK and beyond, to champion greater social mobility, further education, empowerment, and to facilitate young people despite the challenges they may face in achieving their full potential.
"My journey to date has been well documented but nothing would have been achievable without belief, family, great mentors and the opportunities I have embraced," said Sterling, who helped the Three Lions to a 5-0 win over Albania at Wembley last week.

"My foundation is built on my experiences, successes and the many challenges I overcame, I now want to help young people achieve and be the best they can be.”
The Raheem Sterling Foundation is powered by The Power of 7. This notion is not only a reflection on Raheem’s number at Manchester City, but incorporates the vital parts of the Foundation’s core approach; education, employment, enterprise, creativity, personal development, accountability and social mobility.
The 1692 link featured in the Foundation’s logo is an acknowledgment to the earthquake that shook Jamaica on 7 June 1692 destroying Port Royal. From the ruin, Kingston was born. The homeland of Raheem Sterling and where his roots are firmly planted, but have now grown across the globe to London and Manchester.
Raheem Sterling returned to his old school in Wembley this week
Raheem Sterling returned to his old school in Wembley this week
Pupils at Ark Elvin Academy took centre stage meeting Raheem at Wembley Park, in front of the recently unveiled Olympic Steps that lead to Wembley Stadium, after completing a one mile Power of 7 walk from the school to the stadium. A journey Raheem will never forget.
On their journey, they walked down Wembley Park’s transformed Olympic Way and visited seven plinths (each one a reference to The power of 7) and learnt all about the #BoyFromBrent, the Foundation’s backstory and Raheem’s vision for the future. 
Wembley Park’s transformation from largely car and coach parks to a thriving 365-day a year neighbourhood in north west London, echoes the story of change and progress of Raheem’s journey to becoming a local Brent hero.
As a landmark destination in Raheem’s former hometown, with culture and community at its heart, Wembley Park was selected as the ideal location to highlight Raheem’s journey, to launch his Foundation, and recognise the importance of education and empowerment of young people. 
Pupils and teachers also took part in the Foundation’s Charter unveiling during a school assembly.  
Rebecca Curtis, Principal at Ark Elvin Academy, added: "Raheem is such an inspirational role model to our community in Brent and especially our children at Ark Elvin Academy. What he stands for on and off the pitch helps our children see that high expectations and hard work wins.

"The launch of the Foundation is an exciting opportunity for our children to learn from Raheem directly and see what can be achieved despite the challenges that he faced. Our motto at Ark Elvin is 'Dare for Greatness' and Raheem's work helps us do just that!"
Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council said: "Raheem, our boy from Brent, has accomplished so much since he and his family moved to our borough many years ago. His actions have inspired many people around the country and he is a great role model for our young generation. It is wonderful to see him launch his Foundation that will no doubt have a positive impact on young people in this country, and Jamaica."