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Published 05 December 2022 4 min read
England Men's Senior Team

England World Cup Diary: Back-of-the-bus Harry Kane on what happens next

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Harry Kane

Fresh from his first goal of the competition, the Three Lions captain is the latest to provide an update from the England camp in Qatar

In the dressing after the game, everyone was happy and buzzing to have progressed, but no one was getting carried away. Whenever you win a knockout game, it is a great feeling but we know there is plenty more to come from us as well if we are going to achieve what we came here for.

On the coach, everyone was calm. There was a bit of music being played but there were no sing-alongs or anything like that. Hopefully we will get further in the tournamen and there will be a bit of that.

The drive back to the hotel is about an hour and many of the lads started listening to music or playing some cards or games on the iPads. Most of the lads were just chilling out and reflecting on the game.

We generally take up the space at the back of the bus. So you will have Maguire, Pickers and Tripps on the back row and then I’m just in front with Walks and Stonesy.

When we arrived back at the hotel, we had a nice surprise because all of the staff from the hotel and people who are there with us did some dances and there was a celebration. 

It was good to see and it is great to have their support. They might have undone themselves though as it will be hard to top that if we carry on winning!

When we are back at the hotel, like the rest of the players, I will get involved with things like basketball and the card game Wolf.

There are about 16 or 17 of us who play Wolf and it is a great way to kill some time. In the evenings, we often play a few games of that and getting everyone together also helps with the team bonding as well.

05 Dec 2022 45:00

Harry Kane appears on Lions' Den

The England striker was Monday's guest on our live show from the England camp in Doha

It is a card game about trying to deceive the rest of the group. So if there are 12 of you, there will be three people who are wolves and they have to take people out while the rest of you try to find out who they are. You try to put people under pressure to see if their stories add up and it is a really good game.

I am ok at it. I don’t give too much away, whether I am the wolf or a villager. When they put that wolf card in, you have to start lying and it is not easy so I think I am a better villager than I am a wolf - there are definitely a few who are better than me at deceiving people for sure!

In the day I am spending a few hours getting treatment and working on recovery. Then in the evenings we will sit around and watch the other games and play games of cards or Wolf with the boys. I vary it really as I do not have a strict routine in the evenings but my treatment is a big part of the day.

As many of you will know, I love my golf and a couple of the guys are playing out here but when I am in a major tournament, I just like to focus solely on that really.

Recovery work has been integral to Harry Kane's success at major tournaments
Recovery work has been integral to Harry Kane's success at major tournaments

Tomorrow we have a day off and I will probably go and spend some time with my family. My kids are out here and they are loving it because it is like a holiday for them so any chance I get, I want to spend time with them. We will probably have a nice chilled day around the pool and get some sun.

Looking ahead to the France game, we know it is going to be tough but everyone is feeling good. When you have a win, it is about settling back down and recovering. 

Last night, today and tomorrow, we will recover and switch off from the Senegal game and then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will prepare and get ready for what is a really good team. 

We have had a good tournament so far and we want to keep progressing as far as possible.