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Published 08 December 2022 4 min read
England Para Teams

England deaf squad welcome youngster Reece to training camp

Written by:

Nicholas Veevers

Para Lions invited eleven-year-old deaf fan to their training camp after seeing a story about him being the victim of an unprovoked attack


Our England men’s and women’s deaf squad made one young deaf fan’s year last weekend, after inviting Reece Bradbury to their training camp at Lilleshall.

Women’s deaf representative Claire Stancliffe and Para Lions' deaf captain Jamie Clarke both saw a story last month about eleven-year-old Reece suffering an unprovoked attacked while waiting for a school bus in September.

During the incident, involving two pupils from a different school, Reece had his cochlear implant knocked out and was left to scramble on the floor to find the only thing that could help him hear before seeking refuge in a nearby petrol station.

After reading the story, Claire and Jamie reached out to Reece’s family and invited them to their training camp at Lilleshall, which also coincided with International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

And not only did Reece get to meet Jamie and the rest of the men’s deaf squad before watching them in action on the pitch, but he was also presented with a signed shirt from all of the squad before going away feeling inspired as the team’s newest fan.
08 Dec 2022 3:01

Watch as Para Lions meet Reece...

The young deaf fan was welcomed to England training by Para Lions players

"I think it's opened up a whole new world for Reece, and it's probably the best thing that's come to him from that side of things," said Reece's father, Daniel.

And Reece’s mother Zoe added: "Previously, Reece had never had an inspiration of a deaf adult, but now he actually has a deaf role model and he can say: 'I can be the same as Jamie, I can achieve that' and I think that's really, really wonderful.”

"When he first arrived, I think he was a bit taken aback by everything and a bit overwhelmed," added Stancliffe.

"But gradually he came out of his shell and he started to realise how there are loads of people similar to him and hopefully it's opened a new world for him.”