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Published 15 December 2022 4 min read

How to become an eLions player for England

Written by:

Frank Smith

Find out how you can become a member of England’s official esports team, the eLions

England Football have changed the way we decide our eLions players and you can find out more about our selection process for the coming season below.

In the past, tournaments have been used to decide who will represent England’s official esports team, the eLions.

But this year, following the appointment of a new eLions coach Zac Moore, there is a new process in place.

The latest players to join the five-man eLions squad are Stingray (Dan Ray) and EthxnH (Ethan Higgins), who are pictured above.

And don’t worry if you have missed out on selection for the eLions’ thus far because there will be three occasions during the season where the roster can be reassessed.

Players are now selected by the eLions coach and technical team based on a number of criteria, including:  

- Are you a FIFA esports professional with experience in the most recent FIFA esports season? 

- Where do you rank on the leaderboards from the most recent season?

- Do you have experience competing 2v2 and 1v1 in high-level FIFAe and EA Sports events, such as ePremier League and eChampions League?

- We will also take into consideration your trajectory in each tournament, for example how far have you progressed in competitions and how much further have you got to go to reach the latter stages

- Plus the consistency of your form throughout the season.  

The above criteria will all be taken into consideration alongside the research and analysis of our coach and technical team to ensure we have the best squad dynamic and chemistry.

The current eLions squad and coach were announced on Thursday and you can learn more about them here.

They kick off their FIFAe Nations Cup campaign on Thursday too and we previewed the first Play-In on Wednesday at

You can follow all the action on our new Twitter account @EnglandGaming or by watching the Play-Ins live via England’s Twitch channel (, which can be accessed by clicking here.