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Published 11 January 2022 6 min read
Georgia Stanway

20 Questions with Georgia Stanway

Written by:

Frank Smith

England and Manchester City’s Georgia Stanway becomes the latest player to answer our host of questions, as she explains why home is where the heart is and nothing can beat Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding

1) What’s your earliest memory?
My earliest memory was probably just kicking a ball about in the garden with my brothers. Literally just enjoying it. I didn’t really have a choice growing up. I either had the ball kicked at me or I had to join in, so straight away I was joining in and trying to run rings around them or kick them in the shins. So those would be my earliest memories.

2) If you could go back in time, would you? And where to?
I probably would link it to my life. I would probably go back in time to see what my parents were like at my age and see what attributes we have the same, what things they were told off for like I was told off for and just go back to see what they were like and see what made them who they are today to see if it links to me and my journey.

3) What do you like most about yourself?
I like my personality in terms of my ability to be able to connect with people, to be able to have conversations and bring a smile people. Hopefully people enjoy my company. I definitely think football has helped with that. In football you meet that many people, for example you don’t choose your team-mates or have people who just give in to us so you make friends with people who you might not have met in another walk of life. It is really special and you create bonds with people that last a lifetime. Whether they leave the club or they are not selected for the national team, you are still connected with those people. That is what makes football the way it is.

4) What's you biggest achievement?
I would definitely say representing my country. And I would also say signing my first professional contract. As a youngster they are the two things you want to tick off your list and I was lucky to be able to do them both at the age of 18. It was unbelievable. I would also say that linked to that but outside of football, buying my first house. I think everybody wants to get on the property market because your parents want to know that you are safe and you are settled and comfortable. I am settled in my house, I have my dog and I have my boyfriend as well, so I am excited to see what the future brings and share the happy memories from football back home as well.

Georgia Stanway celebrating during the Under-17 World Cup in 2016
Georgia Stanway celebrating during the Under-17 World Cup in 2016

5) What’s your worst habit?
Biting my nails. A lot of people take the mick out of my finger nails because they always catch me biting my nails but it is a boredom thing.

6) What makes you most angry?
It is probably myself. I probably get frustrated with myself and I have high standards of myself. I always want to be at the top of my game, even outside of football as well. I always want to be on time, to be the best that I can be at football, I want to be fit, I want to be strong. Even on the pitch as well, when I give the ball away, you are kind of frustrated with yourself for producing that so I would definitely say I cause a lot of anger at myself but it is also getting that other side of it in being able to deal with it.

7) Who is your biggest influence?
It is definitely my family. They sacrificed a lot in order for me to be here. I am from a small town in the countryside, Barrow-in-Furness, which doesn’t really get a lot of exposure so if you make it out of the town, you are one in hundred people that do that so I would definitely say my family drive me forward and so do my community. They gave a lot in order for me to succeed, whether that be for providing grants for my petrol when I was a youngster or allowing me to use the local gym for free, it was those little things which make a massive difference when you are growing up and trying to be the best.

8) How do you react under pressure?
I would say I react well under pressure. There have been a few moments where I have done really well under pressure, especially at Manchester City where I have scored the winning goal, been involved in an action which resulted in winning a game or an end product which caused us to win something. There is also two sides to it though, where I have had nerves get the better of me and I just wanted the game to be over. With experience and with maturity, and with the more games you play for club and country, you know how to get out of those situations and it is a case of making sure your next pass is basic and one where you retain possession.

Georgia Stanway with her Manchester City team-mates after the 2020 Women's FA Cup win
Georgia Stanway with her Manchester City team-mates after the 2020 Women's FA Cup win

9) When do you do feel most at ease?
I feel most at ease when I am on the pitch and playing with a smile. When the ball is fluid, when we have possession, when I am getting touches on the ball and I am playing with freedom, being creative and getting shots off, scoring goals and we are winning. All of the things which make you happy. Away from the field, when I am at home, I just like to potter around the house. I like tidying, I like cleaning, I like sorting out draws, I like cleaning out my clothes. Everyone is like ‘will you just sit down?’ And I am like ‘I’m just pottering around’. The girls will come around and be like ‘will you just sit still and have a conversation?’ And I would be like ‘No, will you come upstairs because I am cleaning out my drawers?’

10) What do you dream about when you sleep?
To be honest it is probably nightmares! No what do I dream about? I think going forward and what I want to achieve with the Lionesses. I want to lift a trophy. That is something that everybody dreams of. I want to be wearing an England shirt, with the girls around me, my family in the stands and a trophy in my hands and a medal around my neck. That would be the ultimate dream come true.

11) Favourite phrase or word?
It would probably be in more of a smaller circle, I say a lot of the time ‘that we’ve got this’. No matter what the situation is, whether it is my friends, my family, the people who are the most important to me, no matter what it is, that we have got this and no matter what it is, you are not going through it alone and you have the support network around you to help you through this.

12) What reminds you of home?
Probably home comforts. You have to look at Christmas, that reminds me at home, spending it with family, the food being on the table. There is one particular type of food which reminds me of home. It is Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding. That is just something that we used to have on Sunday’s after a roast dinner. It was like a special occasion where we would have it. If it was your birthday, you wouldn’t want a birthday cake, you would want Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding. That is something I have always liked and even the smell of it brings back memories.

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13) Are you superstitious about anything?
To be honest I am not superstitious. I don’t really have anything which I have to do before a game. I just like to stay relaxed, enjoy the music, have a little bit of a dance if anyone is up for it. But I am pretty relaxed. More of a ritual would be that before a game, I like to have beans on toast. That would be my pre-match meal no matter what time it is. Beans on toast. I could go without it though so it isn’t a superstitious but it is easy, it is light on the stomach and it gives you a bit of energy. And it has to be Heinz as well. None of this Branston’s or anything like that. It has to be Heinz.

14) What makes you cry?
I am the type of person who is not very good at talking so whenever I let things build up, at some point I will explode and that will either be angry or it will be upset. That is probably what makes me cry a bit. Being able to talk about my feelings, express how I feel and not letting it build up. It is something that I am still learning at the minute but providing that little bit, every now and again, of feedback or whatever is frustrating me, rather than letting it build up and potentially exploding.

15) One song that makes me feel good?
It has got to be Adele at the minute hasn’t it? No matter what she puts out, it is unbelievable. In terms of the changing room, maybe something a bit more upbeat!

16) Biggest obstacle?
An obstacle I have faced previously would obviously be injury. That is all part and parcel of the sport we play. Some people are luckier than others. But that is just part of the sport and you just try to stay as fit as possible through gym sessions, recovery sessions, are you eating right, are you relaxing when you get home, are you going out in night times. Those things come into it and you can often pinpoint an injury by potentially the lead up to it. That is an obstacle which gets in the way but it is also something which you can manage as well. It is about being an athlete 24/7 to give yourself the best chance of playing as much as you can.

The Lake District holds a special place in Georgia Stanway's heart
The Lake District holds a special place in Georgia Stanway's heart

17) Favourite place in the world?
I have travelled a lot with football. I have obviously had unbelievable experiences at seeing the world and seeing different places but I think I would bring it back to the Lake District. It is unbelievable. It is beautiful and you feel at peace. I love the outdoors, I love going fishing and I just love being at one with nature. I love how peaceful it is and when you are out there nothing else matters and that bit of fresh air can basically lighten up the whole day.

18) Most valuable possession?
This is probably something which is a little bit different but I have an Alan Shearer Match Attax from 2006. As a kid, I used to collect them and my Nana’s favourite player was Alan Shearer so whenever I got him, I would always give it to my Nana. She used to keep some of them and then get rid of the ones which weren’t special or the shiny ones. Just before she died, she gave me the Match Attax back so it is sentimental. I still have it and I took to my first England camp with me so it is important to me.

19) Worst fear?
Probably not achieving what I want to achieve. It is probably cliché and people might say it all the time but in my life I want to win certain trophies and it is a case of me going out there and doing it or being in the position to give myself the best possibility of getting to the end point. I’ve said it already but I want to win a trophy with England. I want to be able to lift that in my England shirt with my family in the stands.

20) How would you like to be remembered?
I want to be remembered as someone who was hard-working, dedicated to what they do, know that I tackle hard and I am good in possession. That is in terms of football. Outside of football, I just want to be an outgoing person, up for anything, up for a laugh, is able to connect with different types of people, have conversations and hopefully I can brighten a few people’s lives.

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