Published 27 January 2022 7 min read
Ebony Salmon

20 questions with Ebony Salmon

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Frank Smith

England and Racing Louisville striker Ebony Salmon becomes the latest Lioness to take part in our feature answering a host of questions

1) What is your earliest memory?
I think my earliest memory of football would be just playing in my back garden with my brothers and my dad when I was younger. Those three people are probably the reason that I got into football and having that at such a young age was one of the reasons why I am where I am today. From when I was born, I was always really close with my brothers and with my family. My family have always been interested in football so we were always around football growing up.

2) If you could go back in time, would you? And where to?
I don’t think I would and if I did, then I don’t know where I would go back to. I think everything happens for a reason and everything that has happened is why I am where I am today. And I am happy with where I am today.

3) What do you like most about yourself?
Probably that I am quite laid back and relaxed.

4) What is you biggest achievement?
Either making my England debut or captaining the under-17s at the EUROs and scoring a hat-trick in one of our games.

Ebony Salmon impressed after coming on for England women's under-23s in November's 11-0 win over Estonia
Ebony Salmon impressed after coming on for England women's under-23s in November's 11-0 win over Estonia

5) What is your worst habit?
I would say falling asleep all the time. Even when I have stuff to do, I am always napping. Sometimes I have nothing to do and it is fine but sometimes I have actually got stuff to do and I will still be napping! 

6) What makes you most angry?
People who don’t listen. That makes me really mad. And definitely people who pretend they are listening but don’t listen.

7) Who is your biggest influence?
I would definitely say my whole family in general. I grew up around them playing football and they are the reason I’m involved in the game and the reason that I am where I am in the game. So without them I wouldn’t have been motivated to get to where I am today.

8) How do you react under pressure?
I’d like to say I react quite well under pressure. Other people who know me might say differently but I think if I was talking about myself, then I would say I react quite well.

9) When do you do feel most at ease?
When I just have the freedom to be myself and to express myself and don’t have to think about too much and go out there and do my thing.

Ebony Salmon has found the net regularly since joining Racing Louisville
Ebony Salmon has found the net regularly since joining Racing Louisville

10) What do you dream about when you sleep?
I was saying to someone the other day that I do not remember my dreams recently. I used to remember them all the time but recently I could not tell you one thing I have dreamed about.

11) Favourite phrase or word?
That is a tough one. So there is one quote – now this is not what you asked but it is what I am going to say – that I like and that is ‘you are your only limit’ because I think for me there are a lot of things which possibly could have got in the way and I think at the end of the day, you are the only person who is going to stop you from getting to where you want to be, no matter whatever is on the outside. If you really want to get to where you want to be then you can get there if you let yourself do it.

12) What reminds you of home?
I would say since I have been out in the States, the one thing which I go to sometimes to remind me of home is certain foods. I think that is definitely what reminds me of home. Things like one time we were travelling for an away game and we walked past a fish and chip shop and I thought of home straight away. And especially Nandos. I love Nandos and there are not many of them in the US so whenever I see one, that is the first thing which reminds me of home. I don’t think they have an equivalent over there. They have a lot of food places but I wouldn’t say there is an equivalent for Nandos, so they definitely need to get one near me.

13) Are you superstitious about anything?
No, I’m not.

14) What makes you cry?
Not a lot makes me cry but if I am watching a really sad movie then you definitely will get a few tears out of me.

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15) One song that makes me feel good?
There are definitely a few songs but recently I have been listening to a song called Star Song.

16) Biggest obstacle?
I would probably just say setbacks generally and rejections, like having people tell you that you are not good enough. That is definitely something that makes you question yourself and it can affect lots of people and have a big effect on where people end up. I think not letting that affect me was huge for me. I wouldn’t say there was a particular point that it changed but I think throughout my career that one setback or one person not believing in you does not mean anything because there are so many people who did and so many people who do believe in you, so it is about having perspective on that.

17) Favourite place in the world?
I can’t say I have been to a lot of places for a long period of time. I have been to a lot of places through football with the England age groups but I think my favourite place I’ve been on holiday would be Jamaica. I liked everything about it; the vibes, the weather and that is where my Dad’s side of the family are from so having that connection there as well.

18) Most valuable possession?
I would probably say my phone. It is not very valuable, but I don’t know what I would do without it!

19) Worst fear?
Spiders, 100 per cent. I hate spiders. That is another thing which makes me cry.

20) How would you like to be remembered?
I think as a footballer, I want to be remembered as a prolific goalscorer. Like I said, I want to be someone who has come through setbacks and come through the other side stronger. I am still quite young so I think I have a while to become that person.

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