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Published 04 July 2022 4 min read
England Women's Senior Team

England's EURO diary: Chloe Kelly

Written by:

Chloe Kelly

In the first of our EURO 2022 player diary entries, we hear from striker Chloe Kelly as England prepare for Wednesday's opening game...


We’re back in the UK now after our time in Switzerland. It was a great trip and we got to go to Basel too, which was nice as we did some sightseeing and some of the players did a bit of shopping.

It was good to have that downtime and have an opportunity to see the surrounding areas but at the same time, training was very competitive like usual and the game was another test ahead of the tournament.

We arrived back home on Friday when we had the event at NikeTown London, which was really cool, and is not something that I have ever experienced before.

We weren’t really sure what to expect when we were on our way there, but it was a really good night and all of the players enjoyed themselves.

I really liked doing the bracelet making, other people had a little dance and there was some magazine making, which was cool as well. There was a really nice vibe in there and it was great to chill out for the evening before having the chance to speak to some of the fans in the shop. It was a really cool evening.

That day we also had the unveiling of the billboards in our hometowns. It was so nice to see young girls writing those things about us and it was a really nice touch to see those billboards where we grew up and for the locals to be able to see our faces.
Chloe scored her first goals for England in the win over Belgium at Molineux in June
Chloe scored her first goals for England in the win over Belgium at Molineux in June
To see how we have inspired the next generation already, it just makes you even more excited going into the tournament. There are a few in Ealing where I grew up and I have told my family to make sure they get out there and have a look at them!

On Saturday, we then had a BBQ with our friends and family and it was dog-friendly too so we were able to bring our dogs to St. George’s Park!

To be able to do that, just before the tournament, was really nice for everyone. It gave us a chance to not only spend time with our families but also for everyone’s families to come together. It's going to be a long tournament for them as well so to have that time together was really special.

My mum, my brother, my boyfriend and my dog all came along. I have a Cavapoochon called Otis. He’s a little teddy bear.

At SGP we've also been taking part in the Carol Thomas Challenge, where we have a group chat and we all put our pictures in if we win a game of cards, darts, pool or anything that we are playing. The staff are involved as well so it is really nice that we get to have competition off the pitch as well as on it.
Spirits are high in the camp ahead of the start of EURO 2022
Spirits are high in the camp ahead of the start of EURO 2022
I played one game of pool and I was very good, so I have retired from pool now. I need to take up another sport and I’m not sure which one I am going to try next.

We now only have a few days to go until the EUROs and everyone is really excited.

Going into the first game, there is a real buzz around the group and we are all really excited going into it.

And what a way to kick off the tournament with a game at Old Trafford!