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Published 10 July 2022 4 min read
England Women's Senior Team

England EURO diary: Fran Kirby

Written by:

Fran Kirby

Fran Kirby provides insight from inside the England Lionesses camp, as the creative forward reflects on an unforgettable night in Manchester, the squad's relocation to The Lensbury and plans for the coming days

I think I have learned over the tournaments I have been to that you have to move on and refocus quite quickly after games like Austria because you can get caught up in the good moments. So it was important that we quickly got over that, analysed the game and then focussed on the next match with Norway

There are not many days in-between, so you have to move on and not get too high with it because you have another tough game coming up.

But Wednesday was really nice because not only did we get the win and it was an amazing occasion, we were also able to see some friends and family after the game.

I think the families were probably more emotional than a lot of the players on Wednesday night because they had watched their girls go out there and sing the national anthem in front of 70,000 people and play at Old Trafford in such an important game. My family were quite emotional watching that moment, so it was really special that we were able to share that with them. You obviously know they are there at games but to then be able to go and see them afterwards, to talk to them about the game and talk about how you are feeling, was a really nice moment. 

06 Jul 2022 2:18

Fran Kirby creates England winner

Highlights from England Women versus Austria in the opening match of UEFA Women's EURO 2022

It is not just us on this journey. It is our families who are joining us on the journey and also the fans. So being able to celebrate that win with them all was really special, and I think it will remain in the girls’ heads and the families’ heads for a long time.

After the game at Old Trafford, we headed to the hotel in Manchester on Wednesday night and then flew down to The Lensbury on Thursday, where we did some recovery work.

The Lensbury is not far from my house so I know the area quite well and they have done an amazing job with kitting it out, in terms of making it feel like home and everyone being able to go in the relaxation room, play a bit of table tennis, pool, basketball and things like that. 

We had an ‘off-your-feet’ day yesterday. I am quite chilled on a day off so I am not someone who goes out here, there and everywhere, so my story might be a bit more boring compared to some of the other girls who took boat trips along the River Thames.


I went for a walk, got myself a little Slush Puppie and then didn’t do anything special. I came back and had some relaxation time before dinner.

It was a chilled day for us. We walked around the area and the girls were able to see where they can go for coffee and things like that, so it was a nice day.

We then trained on Saturday morning and had some more time off in the afternoon. I am quite a chilled and laidback person, so I like to go to my room and play my PlayStation or watch something on Netflix and things like that. I am not someone who is going out all the time for coffee.

Sunday we have another training session ahead of the game on Monday. That will probably be me for the next couple of days before the big game with Norway on Monday night.

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