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Published 26 May 2022 4 min read
England Women's Senior Team

Fran Kirby chats kits as new England Women's shirts are unveiled

Written by:

Frank Smith

Following the launch of the new England Women's kits for 2022, Fran Kirby gives her thoughts on shirts past and present...
While fans had to wait until this week to see the new bespoke England Women’s home and away kits, the players themselves were able to get a sneak peak earlier this year during the February and April camps.
So back in February, we caught up with Chelsea star Fran Kirby to discuss her memories of kits from her childhood and to find out what she thought of the new Nike kits for 2022.

The first new Lionesses jerseys in three years, the 2022 edition features an all-white home kit and a crimson away kit to forms a bold new look as we head into this summer's UEFA Women's EURO 2022 on home soil.

And as Kirby prepares to report for the squad's pre-EURO camp, you can read our mini question-and-answer session with her below...

Can you remember your first kit? 

My first kit was white and blue stripes from when I played for Caversham Trents, back in the day. It was ten times too big for me – which it probably would be even today to be fair considering how small I am!
Fran Kirby sports the new England Women's home kit for 2022
Fran Kirby sports the new England Women's home kit for 2022
Did you have any club kits growing up?

All my family are from up north and my dad is from Sunderland, so me and my brother always had Sunderland kits, the ones with Reg Vardy on the front. Kevin Phillips was playing for them at the time and I loved watching him play.
What was your first professional club or national team shirt? 

I remember getting a shirt in the England Under-23s and it was white with a black collar, black number on the front and it was a nice kit. Then my debut England kit was the one which was all white and had the blue number.

Were there any particular numbers you used to have on the back of your kits? 

I always used to have number ten on the back of my shirts. Always. Even when my mum would buy me England kits, they would always have number ten on the back.
What is your favourite England kit of all time? 

I really like the red away kit from last year. It was specifically for the women’s team, it was a bit different and I really liked it.


What are your thoughts on the two new kits?
I really like the two new kits. Obviously with England, we're always going to want white as the main home colour and then this year we have the badge with a shine to it. And with the away kit, I really like bright colours and colours which stand out, so it's nice to have an away kit which stands out so much.
What are you hoping to achieve in those kits? 
 Obviously the goal is to succeed in the EUROs and do everything that we can to come away with the trophy. For us, with the EUROs being in England, it's going to be a special time for a lot of people and we'll be doing everything we can to be able to play well in those kits and do everything we can to win the trophy.
When you see the impact the men’s team had on the country during EURO 2022, does that give you an extra level of excitement in trying to bring everyone together like that? 
 Yeah, for sure. We want to jump on the bandwagon that the men’s team started and keep going with it. We want to get everyone involved in the tournament and hopefully we get the same kind of positive responses from the crowds and audiences. We're going to give everything we can to make it a good summer for everyone.”