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Published 27 November 2022 4 min read
England Men's Senior Team

England World Cup Diary: John Stones: 'Family visit was a massive boost'

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John Stones

The latest in our series of in-camp diaries with England players during the 2022 FIFA World Cup

On Friday we got back from the game late, it was probably about 3am in the morning, but that is not too bad for us boys because we wouldn’t get to sleep until around that time anyway when you have evening games.

So we then had a nice lie-in on Saturday morning and had a training session. Those of us who played in the match had a recovery session and I have to say, everything which is being put on for us has been great. The facilities have been really good so we have been recovering really well and hopefully, that continues.

We then had the chance to spend some time with our families, which was a massive boost for us all. We have obviously been in the same environment and not been able to go out to places, plus have been missing people at home, so spending a few hours with our families was so good and I think it was nice for them as well. My parents, my partner and my kids are out so it was really good to see them all.

We had training today and now we are gearing up for the game on Tuesday. Tonight it will be a case of trying to relax and taking my mind off football. 

I find that works for me, switching off, so when it is time to get on the training pitch or on a game day, I can focus all my energy on football and being in a position to give my everything.

I will be trying to eat well, sleep well and do all the usual stuff which helps the football. One of those things is staying hydrated, which is a bit more difficult here compared to at home, so we will be drinking extra water and ticking all the boxes so we can perform at our best on Tuesday.