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Published 22 August 2023 4 min read
England Para Teams

Steve Daley wants 'one last push' for IBSA World Championship

Written by:

Nicholas Veevers

Para Lions head coach Steve Daley speaks ahead of England's IBSA Partially Sighted Football World Championship Final clash with Ukraine 


England head coach Steve Daley is looking to make it third time lucky on Tuesday as the Para Lions prepare for the IBSA Partially Sighted Football World Championship Final.

Current holders and world number one ranked Ukraine lie in wait for England, who secured their place in the game after a thrilling penalty shootout victory over Japan in Monday’s semi-final.

And as tournament hosts, Daley is hoping the home support can help cheer England to what would be a historic victory.

"It's our third World Championship final in a row, so we'll regroup and have a crack at it,” said Daley, following the 2-2 draw and sudden death shootout win.

"We've worked hard and no-one will give you the opportunity to walk into a World Championship Final so we deserve to be there and now we'll give it a last push.

"We've got belief and we believe in the lads, we ask them to go and express themselves and do what they do. We want to play exciting Futsal and entertain the crowd so they've now got the extra push over the line.”
21 Aug 2023 1:58:55

England 2-2 Japan

Watch back the full game between England and Japan at the University of Wolverhampton campus in Walsall

Daley’s team had to really show their character in the semi-final, after going a goal down early on and then taking the lead before a late equaliser from Japan took the game to spot-kicks.

"We didn't make it easy and we had to dig deep, and Japan were never out of it,” he added.

"They're a proud nation, so respect to them and they made us work right up until the last penalty when they needed to score to win it.

"But thankfully, we've finally won a penalty shootout which we're not renowned for, but it shows you how tough these lads are.

"At 2-1 we thought we had it but it's a great day for the lads and that's the difference, one shot can put you in the final or not in the final.”
Daley urges his team on during their IBSA World Championship semi-final against Japan
Daley urges his team on during their IBSA World Championship semi-final against Japan
The support for the Para Lions across all of the IBSA World Championship games in Birmingham this month has been remarkable, with a noisy atmosphere at the University of Wolverhampton in Walsall for Monday’s game.

And Daley is hoping they can help give his team one last push with their backing on Tuesday when they line up for the Final.

"Some of the players have played all over the world with us but their families can't always travel to watch them, so for them this is remarkable and for the players to share it with them,” he explained.

“The atmosphere has been unreal and they really helped get us over the line.

"When you have that power behind you, they were like the extra man tonight.”

The IBSA World Championship Final between England and Ukraine will kick-off at 6.30pm BST, and shown live on the official IBSA YouTube channel.