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Published 24 January 2023 4 min read
England Supporters Travel Club

2022-2024 Road to UEFA EURO 2024 Germany is now open to join!

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FA Staff

The England Supporters Travel Club 2022-2024 membership cycle is now open to join

Some important things to note before joining

- All members, whether new or renewing, will be required to upload a new membership photo.   
We strongly advise that all members either take a new photo before they begin or, upload a photo from their gallery instead of using the ‘camera’ function in the sign-up process.   

This is due to a current issue that affects the quality of the image you take, and it could impact how long it takes us to process your membership card.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

- If you are intending on renewing or creating an account for a Junior member we advise that you do this within the same sign-up flow, as opposed to signing up yourself and then attempting to sign up a Junior separately

- Whether you are a brand-new member or renewing, you will see language within the sign-up process talking about ‘joining’. Don’t be concerned if you are a renewing member, your discounted price will be reflected in the summary page before you pay

- All renewing members will have six months, until Friday 21 July 2023, to renew at the discounted price

- Any member under the age of 16 at the point of joining the Travel Club will be considered a Junior member and receive the Junior Member price

- Upon successfully joining, you will be met with a confirmation screen.  As soon as your account has been updated in the back end of our system you will receive a welcome/confirmation email

Please note that during times when there is a high volume of sign-ups this can take up to  48 hours to receive

Members who are renewing from the 2020-2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar membership will receive one renewal cap

- Members who are renewing for a third consecutive membership will receive an additional ‘Bonus Cap’ by keeping their previous year’s renewal cap

You may experience a delay between signing up and the awarding of any renewal or bonus caps while these are calculated and verified against your membership history

- The caps table is currently being updated and will soon reflect the current standings

- Any issues with Germany caps will be resolved in the coming days

Join, or renew, here!

Why join the England Supporters Travel Club?

Being a member, it isn’t just about away games and tournaments.

The England Supporters Travel Club isn’t just for access to away matches and tournament finals ticket applications. Members also receive a guaranteed £5 off their ticket for every England home game when they purchase within the priority sale window. On top of that, members will have exclusive access to £25 tickets in the 'Home End', during the first sales window, for every home game within this membership cycle.

The fans play an important role in helping the team to perform. Wherever we turn up, we know there will be supporters with us every step of the way. It takes a lot to follow England and we will never take it for granted. If I reflect on how far we have come in recent years, travel club members have been a big part of our story. We are all representing our country with pride and hopefully we can give the fans even more special moments in future.” – Gareth Southgate

Whether you plan to cheer on Southgate’s Three Lions here at Wembley, on the road, or both, the England Supporters Travel Club is the best way to secure your tickets at the best price.

How much will it cost me to join?

After COVID we revised our renewal prices, reducing them for both adult and junior members. We are pleased to announce that these prices will remain for the next campaign.

Renewing Members (members of 2020–2022 ESTC who renew before 21 July 2023:
Adult: £55
Junior: £15

Please noteAll members who renew will enter the sign up process as a 'new' user. However, at the end, and before you pay, you will be presented with the renewal prices

New Members:
Adult: £75
Junior: £30

How long will the 2022–2024 Membership run for?

The 2022–2024 England Supporters Travel Club will run from now until the final of UEFA EURO 2024 on Sunday 14 July 2024.

What will happen to my Caps total?

At the start of every new membership cycle, every member’s ‘Active Caps’ total will be updated.

When a new membership cycle starts, only the caps which were earned from matches that took place during the previous membership will remain ‘active’.

Therefore, the highest caps total any member will be able to have after the reset will go from 54 caps to 28. 

That equates to 26 caps for matches attended, one for renewal if you were a member of the previous membership and an additional bonus cap for members who are now in their third consecutive membership.

Work will be carried out on caps/the caps table over the coming week. Please don’t be shocked when you see your caps totals change or decrease.

The Bonus Cap

The ‘Bonus Cap’ will be added to your cap total if you are renewing for a third consecutive time. i.e., If you were a member of the 2018-2020 membership and the 2020-2022 membership, and then choose to renew again for the current membership, then you will have an additional cap added to your ‘Active Cap’ totals.

Italy v England Match Registration

England will play their first away UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifier on 23 March 2023 against Italy in Naples.

Registrations for this fixture will open on Thursday 26 January 2023 and run until Thursday 16 February 2023.

Only members of the 2022-2024 membership will be able to register their interest in this fixture.

At this moment in time, we are still awaiting confirmation on our final allocation for this match.  We expect to have this confirmed to us by the Italian FA before the end of February.

Other Important Information

For this membership cycle, all members will be required to upload a new image for their membership card, so please do not be alarmed if your previous image is no longer available to select.

You can find all the Rules and Regulations on the Travel Club right here.

Join, or renew, here!