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Published 27 June 2023 4 min read
England Women's Senior Team

Katie Robinson's journey from Newquay and London 2012 to the 2023 Women's World Cup

Written by:

Katie Robinson

Katie Robinson discusses how she went from playing for Newquay Boys and Godolphin Boys in Cornwall to being on the verge of representing England at the 2023 Women's World Cup

I grew up in Newquay, in Cornwall, where I played for boys’ grassroots teams from around the age of ten until I was 16, playing for Newquay Boys and then another local side, Godolphin Boys. 

I probably had quite a different experience to what other England players would have experienced. A lot of the other girls were at big clubs growing up and I was still playing with boys and would then come away to England youth camps. So it was different but I think it added a different side to my game, hopefully.

I first joined a team around the age of ten. I had been playing at my school, Bishop’s Primary School, and in the school team¬ when a family friend who had a boys’ team, Newquay Boys, invited me along. 

Because I was living in Cornwall, it was quite hard to find a good level for girls’ football locally, so I also went to Cornwall Girls’ Advance Coaching Centre to play for the county from around the ages of ten to 12 and then I went to Devon Advance Coaching Centre from 13 to 16. 

I also trained with Plymouth Argyle boys at one point as well around the age of 15 just to again try to find some more quality training really. 

Playing with the boys was good. I think at the time it was quite daunting, being with the boys that were at an academy, but it enabled me to improve my game, so it was good to do it.

The FA had also set up South West Regional camps, which enabled the most talented girls in the South West to get together and that's how me and Maya Le Tissier ended up being recognised by England.

Just before I turned 16, I left Cornwall to live in Bristol with a host family so I could join Bristol City. Within a few months of joining Bristol, I had managed to make my debut at 16 and then I have just gone on from there!

Maya Le Tissier (left) and Katie Robinson have known each other since they were kids playing at the South West Regional camp
Maya Le Tissier (left) and Katie Robinson have known each other since they were kids playing at the South West Regional camp

I have dreamed of being an England international ever since I was young, probably about six years old. 

I would watch the Lionesses on the TV and then in 2012 I went to the Olympic Games to watch Team GB. 

Going to the Team GB game against Cameroon in Cardiff for London 2012 really helped plant that seed. Obviously, I was only young so I never really thought it would be a possibility.

So I always had the ambition to become an England player one day so to actually be here now is so cool.

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