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Published 07 January 2023 2 min read

Get to know eLions player Dan 'Stingray' Ray

Written by:

Frank Smith

We catch up with eLion player Stingray as he answers a host of questions and we find out who would make his dream FIFA five-a-side team

Full name: Daniel Ray
Date of birth: 16/09/03 
From: Bromley, south east London
eTeam: Atlantide Wave
England eLions debut: December 2022

Key achievement: 2021-22 FIFAe Club World Cup Finalist (second place)

Club supported: Charlton Athletic

Favourite player in world football:
Lionel Messi

Favourite England player: Jude Bellingham

How did it feel when you discovered you would be an eLions player?

I felt relieved because after the year I had last year, I felt like I deserved a call-up because I showed I'm one of the best players in the world, especially in 2v2 which they use in eNations.

How old were you when you started playing FIFA?

I started playing FIFA in FIFA 19 so I would have been around 15. I hadn’t really been playing casually, I just jumped straight into it. Some days I would sit there all day and then other times I might play a game and I won’t feel it so I would jump off after a game or two. One of the main things which made me push on was my determination and drive to always want to be the best and try to beat everyone.

Who is your favourite player to sign on FIFA?

Kylian Mbappe

Who would make your FIFA five-a-side team?

I would have Edwin van der Sar in goal, Kyle Walker at the back, Kevin De Bruyne and Ruud Gullit in the middle and then R9 Ronaldo up front.
Who would make your FIFA five-a-side team of just England players?

Jordan Pickford in goal, Kyle Walker in defence, Jude Bellingham and Mason Mount in midfield and then Harry Kane up front.

What does it mean to be an eLion?

It means a lot. One of the main things is it means I can play in the eNations and it is another tournament for me to try to win for England.

How would you describe your playing style?

So I have a bit of flair and I like to play with vision, where I can spot things.

How do you assess England’s chances in the eNations Cup?

I think we go into the eNations as one of the favourites. We have some of the best players in the world and I would like to think we can win it. Playing in the eNations is probably the pinnacle of FIFA so I couldn’t wait to play in it.

England’s official esports team, the eLions, will be back in action on Thursday in their FIFAe Nations Play-In Week 3, where they will have the chance to qualify for the FIFAe Nations Playoffs.