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Published 17 March 2023 6 min read

Italy v England: Important Information for Ticket Holders

Written by:

Richard Weekes


Due to operational restrictions in Italy beyond our control, take note that there will be no ticket collection point operating for this match.

Instead, all tickets will be emailed to supporters via the email address associated with their personal account at the time the ticket/s was purchased.

It should be noted that to conform with Italian law, all tickets WILL be checked at the stadium against the personal identity of the holder.

The first check will be conducted by the Italian Police on the approach to the England entrance at the stadium. 

The second check will be by carried out by the travelling England stewards, FA Staff from the England Supporters Travel Club (ESTC) and members of the FA Security Team.

The decision to operate our ticket distribution has been made due to circumstances beyond our control, however, for future matches, we will resume our normal operation of using a ticket collection point.

As always, tickets for an away fixture are non-transferable.  Any member or person caught attempting to enter the ground on a ticket that does not belong to them will be denied entry and suspended from the membership pending an appeal.

We continue to work with all relevant local stakeholders to determine whether or not coaches will be provided for supporters to and from the stadium.

Information on potential coaches, and further match day details, will be provided to all ticket holders early next week.

All ticket holders must be aware of the following:

  • E-Tickets will be sent to the email address associated with each member’s account at the time of ticket purchase.  All ticket holders will receive their own tickets via email regardless of whether they booked in a group

    If the junior member in your order has an email address associated to their account, their ticket will be sent to that email address. You can view this under “Individuals (linked to this account)” on your FA Account. If they do not have an email address associated, their ticket will have been sent to the linked adult’s email address

  • All tickets will have the full name and Date of Birth of the ticket holder printed on them

  • There will be a two-point ID check for all ticket holders at the turnstiles.

  • The first ID check will be conducted by the Italian Police.  You must provide photographic evidence, either your Passport or your Driver’s License. This is to comply with Italian law and will be carried out on all supporters attempting to enter

  • The second ID check will be by FA Staff from the England Supporters Travel Club, alongside the FA Security team.  Again, you must be able to provide either your Passport or your Driver’s License

  • These forms of ID MUST be in physical form. Printed copies will NOT be accepted.  Your ESTC Membership Card will NOT be accepted as ID by the Italian Police

  • During both ID checks your ID must match the name and Date of Birth on your ticket (shortened first names are ok e.g., ‘Sam’ as opposed to ‘Samuel’)

  • All tickets will be scanned upon entry.  Once your ticket is scanned that barcode will no longer allow re-entry into the stadium. Anyone caught with a ticket which has already been scanned will be refused entry and subject to a suspension pending appeal. This will apply to both the ticket holder and the member of the original ticket holder

  • Members who bought in a group have been allocated together.  Although, there may be some cases whereby they are marginally separated by stairs/end of row.  This is due to The FA being unable to manage the allocation manually

  • It will be the supporter’s responsibility to ensure that their mobile phone has enough battery in order to enter the ground on your E-Ticket as the phone chargers or battery packs will not be allowed into the stadium and may be confiscated

  • Please be aware that we will not have the facility to reprint your ticket

We understand that this will be a different experience to what members would be expecting for an away fixture. If there are any issues or concerns, please email us via with the email subject ‘Italy Away 2023’.  This will ensure your email is prioritised by ESTC Staff.