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Published 12 June 2024 4 min read

New England Supporters Travel Club 2024-26 membership open

Written by:

Richard Weekes

England supporters can now join the England Supporters Travel Club 2024-2026 membership


The England Supporters Travel Club 2024-2026 Road to FIFA World Cup 2026 is now open!

We are pleased to announce that the 2024-2026 England Supporters Travel Club ‘Road to FIFA World Cup 2026’ membership is now open to join.

Supporters who are renewing from the 2024–2026 Travel Club will be able to rejoin at a discounted price at any point until Thursday 12 September 2024, so there is no rush to renew right away if you don’t want to.

We are opening the new membership ahead of the tournament so that members can re-new at their own pace whilst also getting ready for post-tournament sales for the upcoming September fixtures.

You will find the link to join at the very bottom of this page.

Why join the England Supporters Travel Club?

Being a member, it isn’t just about away games and tournaments!

The England Supporters Travel Club isn’t just for access to away matches and tournament tickets. You gain exclusive access to the Travel Club sales window and any discounted ticket offers in the Home End or across the stadium.

Members also receive a guaranteed £5 off their ticket for every England home game when they purchase a ticket outside of the Home End during the first two sales windows.

You will also be awarded two ‘Caps’ for every qualifying or friendly match you attend.  All Travel Club members will be building up their caps for both FIFA World Cup 2026 AND UEFA EURO 2028 here in the UK.

Every cap counts and will increase your chances of securing the best, or cheapest, tickets for the next two tournaments. Every cap you earn between now and UEFA EURO 2028 will count when it comes to away match and tournament ballots.

Whether you plan to cheer on Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions here at Wembley, on the road, or both, the England Supporters Travel Club is the best way to secure your tickets at the best price.

Travel club members are an important part of the journey of this England team and we value that loyalty at all times. We’ve seen first-hand how that unwavering support has gone hand in hand with the progress of this young group of players and we look forward to sharing more memories in the coming years” – Gareth Southgate

How much will it cost?

The previous three membership cycles saw a decrease in the number of matches that members could attend. 

For the first time since COVID, we enter a typical two-year tournament cycle meaning that Members will have exclusive access to twenty matches over the next two years. As a result, there has been a slight increase in the membership cost to reflect this and increased operational costs.

Renewing Members (members of 2022–2024 ESTC who renew before 12 September 2024):

Adult: £65

Junior: £20

Please note: All members who renew will enter the sign-up process as a 'new' user. However, at the end, and before you pay, you will be presented with the renewal prices.

New Members:

Adult: £85

Junior: £35

How long will the 2024–2026 Membership run for? 

The 2024–2026 England Supporters Travel Club will run until the final of FIFA World Cup 2026 on 19 July 2026.

What will happen to my caps total?

At the start of every new membership cycle, every member’s ‘Active Caps’ total will be updated.

When a new membership cycle starts, only the caps which were earned from matches that took place during the previous membership will remain ‘active’.

Therefore, the highest caps total any member will be able to have after the reset will go from 52 caps to 30.

That equates to 28 caps for matches attended, one for renewal if you were a member of the previous membership and an additional bonus cap for members who are now in their third consecutive membership.

Work will be carried out on caps/the caps table over the coming week. Please don’t be shocked when you see your caps totals change or decrease.

The Bonus Cap

The ‘Bonus Cap’ will be added to your cap total if you are renewing for a third consecutive time.  i.e., If you were a member of the 2020-2022 membership and the 2022-2024 membership, and then choose to renew again for the current membership, then you will have an additional cap added to your ‘Active Cap’ totals.

Please note, as of yet, the bonus cap will not show in your matches attended list.

Other Important Information

For this membership cycle, some members will be required to upload a new image for their membership card, so please do not be alarmed if your previous image is no longer available to select.