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Published 21 May 2024 4 min read

FSA Free Lions tournament guidebook to be sent to all members

Written by:

Richard Weekes

Every England Supporters Travel Club member will soon receive a copy of the FSA Free Lions Tournament Guidebook for UEFA EURO 2024 Germany

For almost 30 years, the England Fans’ Embassy, operated by the Football Supporters’ Association has provided independent, ‘by-fans-for-fans' support to the England faithful whilst travelling abroad following the Three Lions.

A part of that support has been in the form of the ‘Free Lions’ fanzine, which you may recognise from some of the away trips at the Ticket Collection Points.

Once again, the FSA have put together a Free Lions Tournament Guidebook, full of key information relating specifically to England fans travelling to Germany for UEFA EURO 2024.

Throughout the preparations for this tournament, we consistently involved the FSA in pivotal discussions and site visits, ensuring they served as an independent advocate for supporters while gathering essential insights for creating the Free Lions fanzines.

Inside, you will find information on travel, the cities we play in, things to see and do, where to eat and drink, key stadium information and much more and we have worked with the FSA to ensure a copy is available for every Travel Club member.

The guides should soon start dropping through your letter box soon.

An online copy can now be found here.

My Guide Hasn't Arrived?

If your guide has not yet arrived, or doesn't arrive before you travel to Germany, it might be because:

A) You live outside of the UK
2) You have an incomplete postal address on your ESTC account

If you still wish to obtain a physical copy, you have two options*

1) You will be able to collect one from a joint FSA/FA stall inside the concourse of The Home End for the match taking place on Monday 3 June at St James's Park in Newcastle

2) You can collect one from the FSA stall in any of the host cities in Germany

*Guidebooks will be first-come-first-served and we cannot guarantee there will be any at the time you arrive.

Details on both of the above will be confirmed in greater detail to all members in due course.

As always, details and information within the guide are subject to change.  We strongly advise to keep an eye on your emails in the build-up to, and during the tournament and to keep a close eye on posts made by the FSA on X.