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Published 28 May 2024 6 min read
England Supporters Travel Club

UEFA EURO 2024 Important ticket distribution information

Written by:

FA Staff

UEFA EURO 2024 Germany tickets will soon be sent to ESTC members via UEFA Mobile Tickets App.  If you have a ticket through the Travel Club please read the following update to ensure your tickets are distributed correctly!


We are pleased to inform ESTC members with tickets to this summer’s UEFA EURO 2024 tournament in Germany that Group Stage tickets have now been distributed electronically by UEFA.

You do not need to download an app in advance.  Instead, you will be sent an email by UEFA with a link to the ticketing app.

Lead members will receive all tickets in their group.  It is then their responsibility to distribute, or, ‘transfer’ to them to the other members in their group.

Please note: 

  • Tickets can ONLY be sent to the original members in your group (which you purchased tickets with/for).  We will refer to this as a ‘purchase group’

  • Tickets MUST be sent to the email address associated with the members’ ESTC account

  • If ANY tickets are transferred to either A) a non ESTC email address or B) a member who is not part of your original purchase group, you run the risk of having the entire tournament order cancelled

  • Once you transfer a ticket to another member of your purchase group, they will receive an email with instructions on how to download it

  • If a member of your group is under the age of 16, you may keep this ticket in your app.  If you do not have a member under the age of 16, you will be required to transfer the ticket/s

All lead bookers will be required to transfer tickets to other members in their purchase group by 8pm midday on Thursday 6 June 2024.


How can I obtain my ticket(s)?

All tickets for the upcoming tournament are digital, and will be sent via the UEFA Mobile Tickets App.

Please bear in mind that the ticket distribution is done gradually. Tickets are not all sent at the same time and will not be based on the time of purchase.

Tickets will be sent to your account via the same email address used when making your purchase.

If you already have the UEFA Mobile Tickets App, please ensure you are logged in using the same email address and account used to make your purchase. Your tickets will appear in the app, and you should receive an email from UEFA to confirm this.

If you do not have the UEFA Mobile Tickets App, you do not currently need to take any action. You will receive an email from UEFA with the links to the app, and detailed instructions on how to download your ticket. We would advise waiting for this email to avoid any complications with your account.


Security checks and random spot-collections

Fans may be selected at random to visit FA Security and the ESTC team ahead of each fixture.

The location will be nearby the stadium, shortly before the fixture. You will be provided further details, and if any member fails to attend their check without consent from the ESTC team, the individual ticket may be cancelled without the right for a refund. We appreciate your support with this process and will ensure this check is of minimal inconvenience.


“We linked orders, but our seats are not located together”

As previously communicated, if you linked your orders, UEFA tried to allocate your seats together, or nearby, prioritising adult-child orders. We could not guarantee you would be seated together.



As previously mentioned, tickets via the ESTC membership are non-refundable and cannot be passed on.


I have not received my ticket(s)

We will communicate once all tickets have been distributed by UEFA. If at this point you have not received your ticket(s), please contact UEFA directly HERE with your order number and any additional details to ensure you receive your ticket(s) promptly.


Additional Information

You can visit UEFA’s Mobile Ticket FAQs HERE

We would like to remind fans of our ESTC Rules of Membership and UEFA Ticketing Terms and Conditions

The ESTC team will continue to send email updates in the build up to the tournament, with all the latest you need to know. UEFA Ticketing will also be providing regular updates via email and the official UEFA EURO 2024 App.