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A training session inside St George's Park

What are England Para Football Talent Days?

Talent Days are the only way you can get selected for a programme within the Para Talent Pathway. This is where potential is found and given the right environment to grow in. Not everyone who goes to a Talent Day gets selected for the pathway - it’s all about finding the right players, at the right time. But they run yearly, so you can be reassessed and kept in the talent system.

England Talent Days

Take a look at what an England Talent Day has to offer for players who are blind, deaf, partially sighted or have cerebral palsy.

So, what’s next?

If you’re a player with cerebral palsy, visual or hearing impairments and want to discover more opportunities, sign up for a Talent Day here: 

REGISTER: England Talent Days

Feed your potential. Find your path. Redefine your game.
Feed your potential. Find your path. Redefine your game.

Regional Emergent Talent Programme

To join the Regional Emergent Talent Programme, you must be referred through an England Talent Day, a Talent Hub, or by a scout.