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Play Phase

Our children deserve the best possible start to ensure a bright and healthy future. Childhood is a magical time of infinite possibilities, hope and potential! To help our young children we have developed Play Phase for children age 4-6 as England Football’s Early Years philosophy.

The fun of taking part in games while keeping active can make a huge and positive difference that lasts a lifetime. So let’s lay these good foundations early.

Play Phase is about encouraging children in skills and learning that will eventually be useful not just in football, but in life. It makes learning fun, playful and creative, for lifelong benefits.

These learners like to explore, investigate and take risks. Play Phase will encourage them to keep trying until they succeed, and to respond positively when things don’t go as planned. We will focus on the fun, the child and the football.


Let Play lead the Way

Watch this video to find out why Play Phase has been developed, hear what parents and coaches thought about it, and most importantly the children!

Captains of Play

The people who lead the sessions based on the Play Phase philosophy are called our “Captains of Play.” Because Captains lead but don’t run drills and give orders, and anyone can be a captain at any time. 

The children can lead parts of the session and they too can become the ‘Captain of Play’ for part of the day.