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Youth Club Football for those Aged 17 - 18

Children from U7– U10 do not play in leagues. They can play in a maximum of three trophy events during the season. This allows them to learn about winning and losing in a fun environment. Trophies can be awarded to the winners and the results of the mini-event published.

Key learnings for players in youth club football at U17/18 is around developing in-game decisions and tactical appreciation.
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A Guide to U17/18s Club Football


Match Length
45 mins each way.

Children should not exceed the maximum playing time for their age in any one day. It is the responsibility of the junior club and/or the child’s parent or carer to ensure this.

Each league is allowed to determine its own playing time up to the maximum allowed. Half-time should not be more than five minutes. 

Player Game Time
120 mins/day, 180 mins/comp

Pitch Size
110 yd x 70 yd

Ball Size
5. The ball should be safe for children to play with and made of leather or another suitable material.

Goal Size
24 ft x 8 ft

Roll-off roll-on substitutions can be made at any time during the game with permission from the referee, including players who have already been substituted.

Any varieties including one season-long league table.

Playing Equipment
Children cannot play Development Football without shin pads. These should be covered entirely by knee-length socks.

Goalkeepers should wear a different coloured shirt to the rest of the team.

Footwear should be appropriate for the playing surface – no metal studs on 3 and artificial grass pitches.

If the weather is poor, players should wear appropriate clothing, but hoodies are not allowed.

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