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We want girls to play football!

It’s time to take a stand, to make a difference.

Girls are an unstoppable force for good if they’re given the chance. The chance to play football.

They want to play in the school curriculum, at breaktime, after school, at local clubs – wherever, whenever they want. No barriers, no stereotypes. Let Girls Play.

We can’t achieve this on our own though! We wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of Barclays and their passion for equal access, and now we need you too!

05 Oct 2021 1:14


Written and voiced by our inspirational Change Squad member, Abi, let her tell you our story…

We’ll let the numbers do the talking, but remember this…

They number 4.36 million. They are tomorrow’s female future. They are in every community.

How can you help?

Talk, post, challenge – let’s influence the people who can make change happen.

Join the ever-louder call for change and let’s make it deafening – we need you to join our national chorus. Discover how you can make some noise below:

Letter Templates

Letter Templates

They number 4.36 million and are tomorrow’s female future – lets tell schools about how they can make a difference.

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In Education

Are you a teacher?

Access free resources, training opportunities and learn about how you can bring girls’ football into your school.

Girls Football in Schools

Football in Community

Football in Community