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There are 1,100 leagues and 18,500 clubs across the country. Together they provide the teams and the fixtures for players to play, as well as every volunteer, referee, spectator and fan to enjoy and experience the beautiful game.

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England Football Accredited

Accredited leagues and clubs lead by example, raise the bar and fly the flag of respect and diversity for football in England.

England Football Accreditation
In the Box
29 Apr 2021 37:30

Survive, Revive, Thrive. Your grassroots football strategy explained

Watch EP4 of In The Box which takes a closer look at your grassroots football strategy and what it means for the game up until 2024.

In The Box podcast

In The Box podcast

Join us in the box for everything you need to put your grassroots club or league to the top of their game!

In The Box extra time

In The Box Extra Time

Join us in Extra Time on our monthly webinars where we bring you topics to help your league and club be the best it can be.



A new online course which provides club representatives, coaches, referees and managers with an awareness of best practice in safeguarding children in football.


BT Playmaker

A free online entry-level course perfect for anyone keen on taking a more active role in grassroots football

Leagues & Clubs

Club Structures guide

We recognise that each club is different. This guide covers the different legal structures and tax status clubs can adopt.

Leagues and Clubs

How to run a tournament guide

Running a successful tournament can bring in additional income and help put your league or club on the map. Read our guide to run a successful tournament.