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Published 01 December 2022 4 min read
England Men's Senior Team

England World Cup diary: Jordan Henderson on why he's hoping not to be in the Christmas spirit any time soon

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Jordan Henderson

The Three Lions midfielder fills us in on what's been happening in the England camp in Qatar as attentions turn to Sunday's knockout game with Senegal

On Wednesday we had a recovery day so most of the lads went to see their families, chilled out and went to the hotel. In the evening I went out for some food with a couple of the lads and then came back to the hotel.

We have mostly been at the hotel during this trip. After the games we have sometimes been able to see the families and go for some food or have a wander next to the hotel. We have not done it much but when we have had the opportunity, we have tried to get out of the hotel for a little bit.

Today is obviously December 1 but it’s fair to say it definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas yet! All of our focus is on the football and making sure we are in the best place for training and for the games.

We are definitely not into the Christmas spirit yet and I don’t think that will happen until the tournament is over, which we are hoping won’t be for another few weeks yet! So until the tournament is over, I don’t think any of us will be thinking of Christmas at all.

This afternoon I recorded a 'Diary Room' entry and this evening I will get some treatment before watching the games and having some food.

01 Dec 2022 17:13

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Friday will be training as normal and then we will be chilling out around the hotel, watching the other games and starting to prepare for the big match on Sunday.

The spirit in the camp is good ahead of the game. It was good to get into the next round but then our focus had to switch to Sunday’s match. 

It is going to be a tough game and all of our energy will need to go into preparing for that game and being in the best place possible to go and perform against Senegal.

It is incredible to think this is my sixth major tournament with the senior England team. I have never taken any of them for granted and always treated them like they would be my last.

I am very fortunate to have played in so many tournaments and hopefully there are still more to come in the future.