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Published 06 July 2022 4 min read
England Women's Senior Team

England coach, captain and matchwinner speak after Austria win

Written by:

Megan Armitage

Find out what was said as the Lionesses kick-off UEFA Women's EURO 2022 with a win over Austria


England made a winning start to UEFA Women's EURO 2022 campaign on Wednesday night, after Beth Mead's first-half goal was enough to seal a 1-0 victory over Austria at Old Trafford.

In front of a bumper crowd of just shy of 69,000 fans, the tournament's opener was played in a front of a wonderful atmosphere.

And find out what England's head coach Sarina Wiegman, captain Leah Williamson and matchwinner Mead had to say after the game below...

Sarina Wiegman

"It's the first game in the tournament so solid points to win the game and to have a good start.

"I think we've shown different faces in this game, some good faces and some not so good faces. We started not very good in the first half, we got a little better. The second half we created chances but we were too sloppy on the ball.

"We should have scored a couple of times to make it a little easier but I'm really happy with England - we have a win. Don't underestimate us.

"I'm not frustrated I just think that we can do better than this. Sometimes we were rushing, after the first goal we had some chances and very big plays. We have to be a little calmer in the final stages.

"It [the crowd and atmosphere] was so incredible. Of course you can't have any influence because they can't hear you but that's what we want."

Lionesses head coach Sarina Wiegman watches on as her side play in the EURO 2022 opener at Old Trafford
Lionesses head coach Sarina Wiegman watches on as her side play in the EURO 2022 opener at Old Trafford

Leah Williamson

"What an occasion. The fans came out and I think we connected with them pretty well but a good start to the tournament and three points, that's all I care about today.

"I kept my eyes closed in the national anthem. I think if I had looked at my mum, I would've started crying if I had got too involved in it so I kept it at bay and just focused on the football.

"It was loud, communication with each other becomes harder and there's times when it can kind of get in the way but I would take that any day."

"It was definitely not our best performance. You don't have to be at your best the first game but the points on the board it the most important.

"But we've got some things to work on for the next game to that's good it gives us something to strive for.

"I think the way that we've been playing that's been a natural thing that's happened and we 've put in some really good performances.

"But tournament football is different. The game changes and everything's a lot more important that it was before.

"You start settling into it and it's annoying that you grow as the tournament goes on so we've done it, we've walked out with all the pressure and expectations everybody externally was trying to put on us and it's over now and we're off to a good start."

Beth Mead

"What an amazing night and really great to start the tournament with a win and really happy to get the goal for my team. I mean listen to the atmosphere it's unbelievable.

"I was pretty sure it went over [the line] but you always doubt yourself when there's a little bit of time in between but I was pretty sure it went over."