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Published 14 June 2022 4 min read
England Para Teams

Para Lions seal EURO semi-final spot

Written by:

Nicholas Veevers

Group stage wins over Germany and Spain seal perfect record as England blind team head into IBSA EURO knockout stage


England men’s blind team head into the IBSA European Championship semi-finals on Wednesday, after topping their group table in Pescara, Italy.
The Para Lions rounded off the group stage with a 1-0 victory over Germany on Monday and followed that up on Tuesday afternoon with the same scoreline against Spain. 
Following on from the weekend’s wins against Poland and Romania, Adam Bendall’s team returned to action on Monday morning when a first-half goal from Roy Turnham gave England a lead which they held onto.
There was plenty of chances for either side in what proved to be an entertaining encounter and England could’ve extended their advantage in the second half only for Brandon Coleman’s penalty kick to bounce back off the post.
The win meant England secured their place in the semi-final with a game to spare, which came against Spain when the Para Lions completed a clean sweep and four wins from four.
With no goals in the first half, the match was settled midway through the second half when Dan English notched the winner.
England will play their semi-final on Wednesday afternoon at 4.30pm BST, with the opponent expected to be Turkey. The match will be streamed live on the IBSA YouTube channel.
England v Germany: 1 Dylan Malpas, 3 Owen Bainbridge (c), 5 Dan English, 7 Brandon Coleman, 9 Roy Turnham
Substitutions: Azeem Amir for Bainbridge
Goal: Roy Turnham 14 
England v Spain: 1 Dylan Malpas, 3 Owen Bainbridge (c), 5 Dan English, 7 Brandon Coleman, 9 Roy Turnham

Substitutes: Rainbow Mbuangi for English, Azeem Amir for Turnham

Goal: Dan English 23
14 Jun 2022 0:49

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