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Published 14 August 2023 4 min read

Scotland away ticket update

Written by:

Richard Weekes

Sale Window 1 for the 150th Anniversary Heritage match away to Scotland closed on Sunday 13 August at 11.59pm.

A total of 2,622 General access tickets were sold during Sale Window 1, leaving 223 remaining tickets.

All Wheelchair and Easy Access tickets were also sold.

As you know, we needed to conduct a mini-ballot for the 26 cappers that initially missed out in the ballot to determine who would be ‘guaranteed’ a ticket in Sale Window 1.

The following was then announced:

‘All 206 members, who were on 26 caps and were unsuccessful in the ballot, will be contacted separately and asked to re-express their interest in attending this match.  All members from this group, who confirm they wish to attend the fixture, will be given priority on any unsold tickets from the first sale.’

Of the 206 members who were on 26 caps, 195 confirmed that they still wished to attend.

Therefore, these 195 members will be given first-priority of the remaining tickets.  These members will be contacted separately about the process of this sale.

As there will only be 28 tickets remaining after the next phase, we will not be holding a second sale, and will go straight to a waiting list.

The Waiting List

If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for this match, please fill out this form. We will not accept requests to be placed on the waiting list via email.

We will allocate tickets from those on the waiting list based on a 70/30% split.  Meaning that 70% of the remaining tickets will be distributed to members on the waiting list based on their caps, and the remaining 30% will be allocated randomly.


Ticket Cancellations

Ticket holders are reminded that they have until 3pm on Thursday 31 August 2023 to cancel their tickets and receive a refund.

After this date, you can still cancel your ticket, but will only receive a refund (minus a £5 admin fee) if we are able to reallocate your ticket.

If you are no longer able to attend, we strongly urge you to inform us so that we can allocate your ticket to another member on the waiting list.

You can cancel your ticket by completing the Cancellation Form.


Ticket Collection Point

All tickets will be for collection only in Scotland.  At present, the Ticket Collection Point is still to be decided.