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Published 27 July 2023 4 min read
England Supporters Travel Club

Scotland v England ballot and sale information

Written by:

Richard Weekes

The registration period for England’s 150th Anniversary Heritage Match away to Scotland closed on Friday 21 July with a total of 11,197 members registering their interest

A ballot was required to determine who would be offered the chance to purchase tickets for this match in Sale Window 1.

Members can now view the results of the ballot.  Please remember you are required to 'Sign In' to your account before following the link to view these results for the quickest process. 

Simply follow this link to sign in(top right hand side of your screen).  The page should automatically take you to your ballot results.  If it doesn't, tryclicking on this linkonce you are signed in.

Ticket Information

Hampden Park capacity for this fixture will be approximately 50,000.  Our total allocation for this fixture is 2,901 and is broken down as follows:

Category 2: 2,845
Wheelchair/Companion: 13/13
EasyAccess/Companion: 15/15
Price: £30

Total Allocation: 2,901


The ballot was conducted using the 70%/30% rule as outlined in section 6.2 of the Rules of Membership.

Based on all eligible members who applied, the cap cut-off point to be guaranteed a ticket to this match was 27 caps

We had to then conduct a ballot for all those members who were on 26 caps to determine who would be ‘guaranteed’ a ticket in the 70% and who would be entered into the ballot with the remaining registered members. All other members were entered into the ballot as normal.

Ballot results will be visible on the same page you used to register your interest.  Please be aware you will need to be signed in to see the results.

You can view your ballot results here.

Wheelchair Tickets

We have been allocated a total of 13 Wheelchair and 13 Companion tickets for this match.  Members who registered for Wheelchair + Companion seats, and who were successful, will be contacted directly in due course and a member of staff will take payment for your ticket/s.

Easy Access

If you have been successful in the ballot, and require Easy Access seating, please complete this form no later than 1pm on Friday 4 August 2023.

You can only complete this form if you have been successful in the ballot.


Sale Window 1: For all members who were SUCCESSFUL in the ballot:

From 12 midday on Thursday 10 August until 11.59pm Sunday 13 August 2023

All members who were successful in the ballot are guaranteed a ticket within this sale window.  It is NOT first-come-first-served.

26 Cappers who missed out in the ballot:

All 206 members, who were on 26 caps and were unsuccessful in the ballot, will be contacted separately and asked to re-express their interest in attending this match.  All members from this group, who confirm they wish to attend the fixture, will be given first priority on any unsold tickets from the first sale.

More information will be provided after Sale Window 1, when we know how many tickets remain.

Sale Window 2: For all remaining members of the 2022-2024 England Supporters Travel Club:

From 12 midday on Monday 14 August 2023 until sold out.

If, after Sale Window 1 and after the second expression of interest from the unsuccessful members on 26 caps, there are fewer than 30 tickets, there will be no Sale Window 2 and we will go straight to a waiting list.

Tickets will be sold online at  No sales will take place over the phone. 

Group bookings for all away matches are limited to a maximum of 4 members per group and each person will need to be a Travel Club member who was successful in the ballot.  If you wish to be seated as a group you will be required to book your seats in one order.

You will need to provide the Travel Club FAN number and dates of birth of each member of your group so, please ensure you have these to hand before you go online to buy.


The Waiting List

At the moment there is no waiting list for this fixture. 

A waiting list will be published and sent to members once the second sale has concluded.

Any emails received before the form has been opened, or instead of completing the form, will not be accepted.

Ticket Cancellations

Members will have until 3pm on Friday 31 August 2023 to cancel their tickets and receive a refun.

After this date, you can still cancel your ticket, but will only receive a refund (minus a £5 admin fee) if we are able to reallocate your ticket.

 Collection Point

All tickets will be for collection only in Scotland.  At present, the Ticket Collection Point is still to be decided.


- Tickets for away matches are for 2022-2024 England Supporters Travel Club members ONLY

- Tickets for all England away friendlies and qualifiers are for collection only in the host city

- As always, caps will not be allocated to individuals who do not attend the fixture

- If you have been successful for a ticket in the ballot, you are guaranteed that match ticket as long as you purchase it within Sale Window 1

- Successful members do not need to purchase tickets with the same members they registered with

- All tickets must be collected by each individual member. You will NOT be able to collect a ticket on someone else’s behalf UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

- Full ticket collection details will be emailed to ticket holders after the sale periods have been completed

- You can use ANY form of photo ID to collect your ticket from us.  You will not need your membership card