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Published 18 October 2023 6 min read

UEFA EURO 2024 Ticket application information

Written by:

Richard Weekes

All you need to know about applying for tickets to UEFA EURO 2024 Germany

England have qualified for UEFA EURO 2024 Germany next summer!

We're sure that your focus will now turn to securing your tickets for the tournament, and this update will help you understand the process in advance of an initial registration phase that will open Thursday 19 October 2023.

The journey from registering for tickets to purchasing has changed for UEFA EURO 2024 from previous UEFA Tournaments.  Previously, members would initially apply for tickets via UEFA’s website. They would apply for each game they were interested in attending, right up to the Final.

During this process, ESTC would have access to the application data via UEFA.  We would advise all members to complete their applications before the window closed so that we could run a mock ballot.  The results of this mock ballot would enable us to guide and steer members on the categories they should apply for, based on their caps, in order to increase their chances of securing the cheapest ticket. (members would be able to edit their application via UEFA’s website up until the close date).
Once the application window closed, ESTC would run the ballot.  Those who were successful would be required to log back into UEFA’s website and purchase their tickets.

What’s new? 
This time, applying for and purchasing tickets will be completely different.  Members will be required to initially apply for matches via the ESTC website, and make their purchase via UEFA’s website if they are successful in the ballot. 

There will be three steps in the tickets application process:

Step 1: Pre-register your interest for each match as an individual (opening Thursday 19 October) 
Step 2: Officially apply for tickets for you and your group 
Step 3: Successful members will be given access to the sale via UEFA’s website 
Each step is expanded on below.

Step 1: Pre-registering your interest for each match

Unlike previous tournaments, members will not have the ability to edit their application when they officially apply for tickets (during Step 2).

For us to be able to steer members towards the most likely chance of obtaining a ticket for each game, in the cheapest category, we first need to understand the demand for each game.  This is why we will be opening a Pre-Registration for tickets whereby we will encourage all members who are intent on purchasing tickets for this tournament to complete the form.
During this pre-registration phase, each individual will be asked to complete a form outlining which games and categories they are interested in.

This form does not commit you to anything at this stage and is not the official ticket application.  

The results of this pre-registration form will allow us to guide supporters for each game and each category, based on their caps.

For us to be able to offer the best advice to members during Step 2, we ask that all members who are intent on applying for tickets complete this pre-registration form.

Here is an example of the type of advice we gave to members from a previous tournament:

EG of application advice

Step 2: Officially apply for tickets for you and your group: Date TBC

Step 2 will be the official application process.

This application phase will take place via The ESTC website and you will be required to apply for each match separately.
You will apply for each match for you and your group (up to a maximum of 4).

Before this step begins, we will publish detailed instructions on how to apply and the estimated cap cut-off points for each match and/or category.

Members will be unable to edit their application once they have submitted it during this stage.

Once this step ends, we will run a ballot for each fixture and communicate the results with members.

A full guide on step 2 will be provided before this process begins.

Step 3: Successful members will be given access to the sale via UEFA’s website

Once we have conducted the ballot and confirmed the results, successful members will be given access to UEFA’s website to purchase their tickets.

A full guide on step 3 will be provided before this process begins.

Important Information

- Step 1, pre-registration, will be open from 12pm midday on Thursday 19 October 2023 and will close at 2pm on Wednesday 1 November 2023.

- An email, with a link to the form, will be sent to all members on Thursday 19 October 2023.

- An update with all this information will also be published on our website on the same day.

- At present, we do not know the category splits per game.

- Ticket prices have been published by UEFA and can be found below:

Euro 24 prices GA


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