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Professional Game Academies will focus on players aged 14-20 (U15-U21s), who show potential, with a high-performance club training and playing environment that supports a dual career focus. The PGAs will provide a high-quality training environment to ensure players coming out of the pathway are ready to compete at the highest levels of the domestic and international game.

    What we plan to do     How we plan to do it 
1.    Develop an effective pathway that prepares players to compete in senior professional football      Increase investment into the pathway of Tier 1 & 2 of the Women’s Pyramid 
2.    Support the development of a clearly aligned, safe, inclusive club philosophy from youth to senior football      Focus investment where there is greater insight of player potential post maturation (14yrs+)  
3.    Ensure all players have appropriate player care and dual career support throughout their journey      Support clubs to develop an effective player care framework and deliver an effective dual career programme 
4.    Develop a coaching and performance workforce that better supports players in the pathway      Further professionalise the coaching and performance workforce to better prepare players for the current and future demands of the game 
5.    Create dynamic and versatile future players      Provide a flexible competition framework that prioritises individual player development and better prepares players for senior football 
6.    Reflect and review on successes and opportunities to make best use of investments      Ensure an effective and independent audit system measures the impact and output of the pathway and provides insight and data for future decisions 

The purpose of Professional Game Academies

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