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Do you know a Player with Talent or Potential?

We are looking for players to be referred into our Women’s England Talent Pathway from ANY playing environment, including Grassroots Football Clubs (Mixed and Girls Only), Schools and Community environments, Regional Talent Clubs and Emerging Talent Centres. For the 2022-23 season we are prioritising players born between 2006 and 2010. Watch the ‘Future Lioness Characteristics’ videos below to gain more insight on what we are looking for and if you still want to Refer a Player then please click here to view the Player Referral Form.

Refer a player during one of our 2022-23 Referral Windows;

Window 1 - 1st July 2022 – 2nd September 2022

Window 2 – 9th January 2023 – 6th March 2023

Future Lionesses GK Characteristics

Future Lionesses Characteristics

Regional Talent ID Strategies
We know and recognise that every girl is different and we know and understand that every area in the Country is different! This is why we have created a Regional Talent ID Strategy for the area that you live in. Our delivery tactics will see each Region supported with a core offer that supports delivery across 5 Key Areas, including;

- PARTNERSHIPS, including  Talent ID Legacy Groups

- COMMUNITY, including work with non-traditional football partners to support opportunities that enable diversity and inclusion

- WORKFORCE & EDUCATION, including local delivery of our ‘Discover My Talent’ workshop and deployment of a Talent Reporter workforce

- TALENT ID & TALENT MANAGEMENT, including our Future Lionesses Talent ID Events delivered by the FA and several partner organisations to bring opportunity to talent, an accessible and inclusive Player Referral Process and bespoke GK activity. 

- INSIGHT & INNOVATION, including bespoke Talent ID Innovation funding to develop targeted projects for girls playing mixed football and those from historically under-represented communities.

In addition, Regions will have their own tactics for unearthing and identifying talent through strategic partnerships and creative delivery of events and activities.

Click on your region below to find out more!
Future Lionesses Talent ID Events

Our Future Lionesses Events are delivered both by the FA and a cohort of trusted partners and organisations who we have selected to help us unearth hidden talent across England.

Players who have been recommended to us via the Referral Process may be invited to attend one of these events and are just one of the many ways we can consider a player.

Whichever type of event players are seen at, they are all considered in the same way, using our Future Lioness Characteristics to benchmark players. 

Future Lionesses Regional Talent Development 

For players who have been identified through our Future Lionesses Talent ID activity, there will be a Regional offer of support to provide best v best, stretch and challenge opportunities (inc v Boys) to support Top Talent at focus age groups in Region, enabling our Pathway Staff to have a greater knowledge of players in their Regions and to prioritise individualised support for players.