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Do you know a Future Lioness? If you can see it, she can be it. 


Have you got an amazing young female player on your team? Has she got what it takes to grow from grassroots to greatness? Could she become a Lioness of the future? 
Yes? Here’s your chance to refer a player and she could take her first step on the Women’s England Talent Pathway. The Referral Window is next open at the start of the 2024/25 season.Last season we saw over 3500 unique referrals and a host of talent that we wouldn’t have discovered without your support.
We need coaches and clubs, volunteers, match officials, teachers or anyone else working with young players who see potential to put forward your players. 
We’re looking for players who are eligible to represent England, who are born between 2008 and 2010 (or 2006 and 2010 players living outside of England), this could even include players who excel in other sports who may have transferable skills! We want to give them the opportunity to access our inclusive and accessible pathway and importantly they will continue to play in their existing environment, wherever that may be. 
Our aim is to ensure we supply England teams with the quality, diversity and depth of players to enable England to win another major tournament. In pursuit of this ambition, we’re leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding future talent across England. 
So, it’s over to you. If you have a player in mind, all you need to do is refer her by filling in our Player Referral Form when the next window opens at the start of the 2024/25 season.

The types of Playing Environments players are referred from

Future Lionesses Talent ID Events

Our Future Lionesses Talent ID Events are delivered both by the FA and a cohort of trusted partners and organisations who we have selected to help us unearth hidden talent across England.

Players who have been recommended to us via the referral process may be invited to attend one of these events and they are just one of the many ways we can consider a player.

Whichever type of event players are seen at, they are all considered in the same way, using our Future Lioness Characteristics to benchmark players.

Women's England Regional Top Talent Groups

For players who have been identified through our future Lionesses Talent ID activity, there will be a regional offer of support to provide best v best, stretch and challenge opportunities (inc v boys) to support top talent at focus age groups in region, enabling our pathway staff to have a greater knowledge of players in their regions and to prioritise individualised support for players.

Players will be individually invited into this group based on age and what we consider to be the right opportunity, for the right player at the right time.