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Published 14 July 2022 4 min read
England Women's Senior Team

England EURO diary: Hannah Hampton

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Hannah Hampton

The Lionesses goalkeeper takes us through what this week has looked like between Monday's game with Norway and ahead of Friday's clash with Northern Ireland
On Monday night after the game, we came straight back to the Lensbury hotel at about 1am.

We knew it would be best to get back to base that night, instead of travelling back the next day, because then you are able to have a bit of a lie-in the next morning and get back to normality in surroundings that you know as quickly as possible.

On Tuesday, we had training in the morning and that was one of the hardest sessions I have ever had as it was obviously hot. The blow-out sessions are for players who didn’t play or didn’t have X amount of minutes, so you are put through your paces.

After that, we were allowed family and friends to come to the hotel so I went out for a walk around the area with my friend Brad. All my family were at work with it being a Tuesday or had stayed in Brighton after the late game but being able to go for a walk with Brad provided some normality.

Wednesday morning was then training once more and then a gym session before some of the players did media interviews. We then had the afternoon off so I went for a wander around and relaxed.
14 Jul 2022 6:03

Inside training: 13 July

Watch the squad hard at work in the sunshine as they focus on Friday's game with Northern Ireland

As a group, everyone hangs around with everyone. We're usually in the relaxation room watching the games, on the beanbags fighting for the best spot.

Obviously, there is the basketball machine as well but I am horrendous at it. I am shocking.. But there has been some cheating going on so I'm not impressed. When the machine is reset, I try to get in early to set a high score because I know it will get smashed straight away!

Thursday is likely to involve training in the morning and then we will travel down to the stadium so we can have a look around and create that familiarisation, before chilling in the afternoon at a nearby hotel so we're ready to go.
There's a strong bond between members of the Lionesses squad this summer
There's a strong bond between members of the Lionesses squad this summer
On a matchday, we usually have wellness around 10am and then it is breakfast. After that, we have a meeting and then go for a walk before having some lunch, which is usually only something light because you will have your pre-match meal three hours later.

There are some people who like to get little naps in the afternoon and some like to go out and get a coffee to relax. It is very open to what each individual wants and that is what is good about it: you can prepare how you would normally prepare. Sometimes I have a nap and sometimes I just go with the flow.

We normally travel to the ground for around 6.30pm for an 8pm kick-off, have a little walk on the pitch and then we are in the zone for our warm-ups before the big game.

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