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Published 10 June 2024 5 min read
England Men's Senior Team

Kieran Trippier: My Favourite England XI

Written by:

Adam Drury

The full-back picks out his ultimate Three Lions XI, including players he grew up watching and has played alongside

Kieran Trippier is the latest England player to pick his ultimate Three Lions XI in our ongoing feature.

The full-back selects a combination of players from past and present, including those he watched growing up and others he has played alongside.

Here is his team in full.

Goalkeeper: Jordan Pickford

This feels obvious. I'm really close with Jordan and played many games with him. I think he's been unbelievable in the three tournaments that we've played in together and been a key factor in why we've got so far in them.

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Right-back: Kyle Walker

This speaks for itself. Another guy I've known for a really long time and what he's done throughout his career for club and country is unbelievable. His pace, strength, how aggressive he is. He definitely goes in.

Centre-back: John Terry

I don't want to keep picking players I've played with so I'll go for John Terry. Incredible player for Chelsea and England and won so many trophies. An unbelievable player.

Centre-back: John Stones

I'm going to partner Terry with John Stones. John is such a technically gifted player and can play anywhere on the pitch.

Left-back: Ashley Cole

Even when he was playing he was known as one of the great left-backs. An incredible player.

David Beckham celebrates against Greece in Athens in June 2001
David Beckham celebrates against Greece in Athens in June 2001

Right midfield: David Beckham

A player who I always looked up to when I was growing up. A model professional and those deliveries were incredible, particularly from set-pieces.

Centre midfield: Steven Gerrard

I'm going with Gerrard in the middle of the pitch. One of the most gifted players the Premier League has seen and an unbelievable stalwart for England.

Centre midfield: Jordan Henderson

He's a leader and one of the most likeable players I've played with. Someone everyone looks up to and obviously the quality as well.

Left midfield: Raheem Sterling

I think it goes under the radar how many caps Raheem had at such a young age. A world-class player.

Raheem Sterling and Kieran Trippier celebrate against Spain in October 2018
Raheem Sterling and Kieran Trippier celebrate against Spain in October 2018

Striker: Wayne Rooney

Alan Shearer would run him close but I'm putting Rooney up top. He was an unbelievable player with his goals and assists. Someone who played for England for a long time.

Striker: Harry Kane

I've been lucky enough to play with Harry for club and country. He's one of the best professionals I've ever played with and is deservedly captain of England.

Honourable mentions

Frank Lampard, of course. It could have been him or Gerrard to be honest. Michael Owen, such a gifted player when he was very young.

And then there's loads of my mates who I've played with. I could have put Harry Maguire in there, he's been a rock for us since we played together.

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